Kimberly's bipartisan work has accomplished many positive changes for Montanans






Revise criminal justice laws and delivery of indigent defense to improve justice and break the cycles of criminal justice involvement, intergenerational trauma, and poverty.

Established nonrecidivist public defense pilot project within the state public defender system.  This program provides wraparound services to people facing criminal charges and seeks to resolve underlying causes of criminal behavior (mental health, substance abuse, housing, and other involved issues).  First state-funded holistic defense program in the nation.  House Bill 89 (2017)

Improve child protection system and protect children from abuse.

Provided statewide leadership on ending Montana’s child abuse problem by requiring the Department of Public Health and Human Services to develop a strategic plan, by August 2018, to prevent child abuse and neglect. House Bill 517 (2017)

Implemented law outlawing “grooming” of children that occurs prior to sexual abuse happening so that children are safer.  House Bill 247 (2017)   


Made Montana families stronger and safer for children by establishing a child abuse court diversion pilot project to allow Child and Family Services more time to work with a family prior to filing a court case, using a mediator to help a family engage and navigate the child protection system. House Bill 612 (2015); House Bill 64 (2017)               

Improved the lives of children in foster care by shortening various timelines in child abuse and neglect cases so children do not linger in foster care.  House Bill 173 (2017)

Provided children in foster care a stronger voice in their future planning to increase their success in life.  House Bill 351 (2017)        


Protected children from identify theft that can ruin their credit, stop them from being able to buy a house or car, and cause problems when they seek higher education.  House Bill 232 (2015)       


Revised adoption laws so adopted Montanans can more easily access their original birth certificates.  House Bill 397 (2015)  


Protect children from bullying.

Ended Montana’s dubious distinction as the only state in the nation without an anti-bullying law by passing a statewide anti-bullying law after ten years of others’ unsuccessful attempts. Strengthened Montana’s anti-bullying laws by clarifying all individuals can contact law enforcement at any time, even if school is dealing with a bullying issue.  House Bill 284 (2015); House Bill 248 (2017)          

Improved efforts to stop Human Trafficking in Montana.

Made Montana a leader in the nation to stop child sex trafficking by passing a substantial revision to Montana’s human trafficking laws.  This treated victims as victims, allowed access to services, provided safe harbor for child victims, provided clear definitions of crimes, and worked to decrease demand by requiring purchasers of sex from a sex trafficking victim to register as a sex offender after conviction.  House Bill 89 (2015)

Allowed taxing jurisdictions (like Missoula County) to use a civil action to collect delinquent taxes at sites like the Smurfit-Stone mill site.

Held corporations and polluters accountable for delinquent taxes by passing legislation that helped my hometown of Frenchtown (and Missoula County) to collect nearly $1 million in delinquent taxes for the Smurfit-Stone mill site; out-of-state corporations are no longer able to evade their tax responsibility at the expense of local communities.  House Bill 516 (2017)

“A typical legislator might carry a handful of bills and see two or three become law. Of the 19 bills Dudik introduced this session, 13 are likely to pass. That’s in addition to helping build the budget for the departments of Justice and Corrections as well as the Office of the Public Defender. Other state leaders say her success stems from a history of commitment to and bipartisan collaboration on criminal justice and child welfare issues..”

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