Dudik tackles tough issues in campaign for attorney general

Daily Inter Lake

Kimberly Dudik, Democratic candidate for Montana attorney general, is ready to address issues that Montanans and politicians are wary of discussing. During an interview with the Inter Lake on Tuesday, Dudik said over and over again she wants to “make communities safer” by addressing difficult topics such as sexual abuse of children, human trafficking or investing in help for those suffering through drug addiction.  “It’s not an easy fix … but if we don’t do it, who’s going to?” she asked.  READ HERE

MT Attorney General Candidate Kimberly Dudik Visits Sidney

Roundup Web

During her campaign of running for Montana Attorney General, Kimberly Dudik paid a visit to Sidney where she met with the public for a meet and greet at Sunny's Family Restaurant. Dudik has spent time in the legislature, as assistant Attorney General and as a nurse. "My career has always been about helping people," Dudik said.  READ HERE

AG Candidate Visits BTBC​

Glacier Reporter

Asked what sets her apart from the competition, she said her work as an attorney for 18 years and as a state representative allowed her to address issues that include health, criminal justice and tribal sovereignty. She came to Blackfeet Country to talk to the Tribal Council about her issues and priorities, and how they may benefit people locally. READ MORE

As more women run for office, child-care costs remain a hurdle
Los Angeles Times

When Kimberly Dudik ran for her fourth term in the Montana House, state officials told her she could not use campaign money to pay for child care for her four young children.  She is now running for attorney general and is trying to visit a big chunk of the sprawling state, spending hours on the road. READ HERE

Kimberly Dudik vying to become Montana’s next Attorney General 


Dudik, a Frenchtown native and mother of four, has been a practicing attorney for nearly 18 years. Prior to that she was a registered nurse specializing in neonatal intensive care. Her experience in healthcare and as a volunteer working with families and children experiencing domestic violence spurred her to attend the University of Montana School of Law in order to address the issue in the legal arena. She also attended Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health where her studies focused on public health and children sexual abuse.  READ MORE

Dudik campaigns in Havre for attorney general

Havre Daily News

Rep. Kim Dudik, D-Missoula, Democratic candidate for Montana attorney general, was in Havre Sunday at Vizsla Brewing to talk to local voters. 

"It's so early in the campaign but people are hungry for change in our nation and they want to see a strong state," she said.  READ HERE

Kimberly Dudik, Candidate for Montana Attorney General

A Podcast Runs Through It  

Kimberly  Dudik, candidate for Montana Attorney General, talks about how her experience as a mom, a nurse, an attorney, and an 8-year member of the Montana House of Representatives informs her integrated approach to  finding solutions for complex problems.  While discussing a broad range  of issues her impressive knowledge and attention to detail show why  she’s ready and more than qualified to take on the role of Montana  Attorney General.  LISTEN HERE

Interview with Kim Dudik

The Montana Postcast

In our interview with Democratic Attorney General candidate Kim Dudik, we discussed her experience as an attorney and legislator and the compassion that drives her commitment to serve the people of Montana.  LISTEN HERE

Rep. Kim Dudik on her run for attorney general
The Montana Low Down

Dudik, a Missoula attorney, announced her candidacy just weeks before the 2019 Legislature convened, despite the fact that some people advised her that doing so could hamper her legislative priorities.

“I chose not to believe that false narrative, and I did it anyway,” Dudik said. “I filed… the week before Christmas and then a couple of weeks later we’re in the session running hard and getting things done over the next 90 days.”

Dudik sponsored 31 bills during the 2019 Legislature, passing more than a third of them, including bills ranging from abolishing premarital blood test for women to cracking down on child sex trafficking.  LISTEN HERE


Dudik has tenacity to be effective attorney general

I am proud to support Kimberly Dudik as Montana’s next attorney general. I am impressed by her leadership and her unwavering commitment to justice.  Dudik’s background as a nurse, a lawyer and a legislator have made her keenly aware of the challenges facing many Montanans. As a legislator, she was a strong advocate for crime victims. She was successful in passing laws to help put an end to human trafficking, and to protect victims of child abuse.  READ HERE

Support Dudik for AG

My name is Kelly Armington and I fully support Kimberly Dudik for Montana Attorney General. As a mother, a nurse, a prosecutor and a legislator, she has spent her entire career fighting for justice and to protect our rights — and as Attorney General, she will do the same for Montana.  READ HERE

AG candidate Dudik is most qualified

I've known Kimberly Dudik since she first ran for her House seat in the Montana Legislature. I'm not sure if there has ever been a more qualified candidate to seek this most important office as the state's lead attorney and law enforcement officer.  READ HERE

My support of Kimberly Dudik for Montana Attorney General

I am a veteran of the Vietnam War, an eight-year state senator representing rural and urban areas in Montana, and a Montana rancher. For me, Veterans Day is more than a date on the calendar. Of the many reasons I am supporting Kimberly Dudik for Montana Attorney General, one of the most important to me is her past work to honor and support veterans in our state. Serving in the legislature with Representative Dudik, I know that she makes good veterans’ policy because she knows the challenges they face and has worked tirelessly to address them. From financial scams to homelessness and underemployment, trauma and suicide to lack of access to comprehensive health care, READ HERE


Montana’s Strong History of Electing Women

In honor of Women’s History Month this March, it is a perfect time to celebrate some of Montana’s women who are trailblazers. From the first female Representative in Congress to granting some women the right to vote before ratification of the 19th Amendment, Montana has been a leader in promoting gender equality. Women’s presence in Montana’s elected offices has grown over the past century.  READ HERE


Billings Gazette

Montana’s children are off to a new school year and the excitement of learning.

Children need and deserve to learn in a safe environment. When children are bullied in schools, it makes them feel unsafe and makes learning (and life) harder. The children doing the bullying need help too... READ MORE

Helena Independent Record

Rep. Kimberly Dudik is on track to have more bills become law than any other member of the Montana House.

“She is someone who has been able to work behind the scenes to get some really impressive pieces of legislation moved by working across the aisle,” House Minority Leader Jenny Eck, D-Helena, said... READ MORE


...Rep. Kim Dudik, one of the program leaders, said the success of women in recent elections shows that everyone — men and women — wants more equality in representation. She said the program is a pipeline to the young women who want to make a difference... READ MORE

Montana Public Radio

The Montana House endorsed a bill Monday that would require the state health department to work with other organizations to develop a plan to prevent child abuse and neglect. Democratic Representative Kimberly Dudik is the sponsor of House Bill 517. "Many of us have heard of the staggering statistics of child abuse in our state and the increase in our court system and the impact of our families from this," says Dudik... READ MORE


This year, the Montana Legislature approved House Bill 89, sponsored by Rep. Kim Dudik, D-Missoula, and backed by Attorney General Tim Fox. The bill revamps the way law enforcement addresses trafficking.... READ MORE

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