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Montana’s children are off to a new school year and the excitement of learning.

Children need and deserve to learn in a safe environment. When children are bullied in schools, it makes them feel unsafe and makes learning (and life) harder. The children doing the bullying need help too... READ MORE

Rep. Kimberly Dudik is on track to have more bills become law than any other member of the Montana House.

“She is someone who has been able to work behind the scenes to get some really impressive pieces of legislation moved by working across the aisle,” House Minority Leader Jenny Eck, D-Helena, said... READ MORE

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...Rep. Kim Dudik, one of the program leaders, said the success of women in recent elections shows that everyone — men and women — wants more equality in representation. She said the program is a pipeline to the young women who want to make a difference... READ MORE

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The Montana House endorsed a bill Monday that would require the state health department to work with other organizations to develop a plan to prevent child abuse and neglect. Democratic Representative Kimberly Dudik is the sponsor of House Bill 517. "Many of us have heard of the staggering statistics of child abuse in our state and the increase in our court system and the impact of our families from this," says Dudik... READ MORE


This year, the Montana Legislature approved House Bill 89, sponsored by Rep. Kim Dudik, D-Missoula, and backed by Attorney General Tim Fox. The bill revamps the way law enforcement addresses trafficking.... READ MORE

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