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What Changes to Montana Politics Does Kimberly Dudik Hope to Make?

Kimberly Dudik is running for Attorney General in Missoula, Montana. Montana politics can be tricky, and as such, you may be wondering what her platform is, or what changes she hopes to make to our state if she is elected. One of the biggest platforms that Ms. Dudik is running on is ensuring equal justice for all Montanans. She wants to help children stay safe and away from predators. She wants to ensure that all consumers are protected, work to safeguard the rights of the people of Montana, work to reform the criminal justice system, fixing a broken and outdated system and help to keep public lands in public hands, ensuring our current generation and future generations can enjoy this land. Kimberly Dudik is hoping to make these changes to Montana politics if elected. Vote for Dudik for Attorney General.


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