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Help Dudik Get Elected for Montana AG!

Kimberly Dudik, from Missoula, Montana is running for Montana AG, or Attorney General. Most people do not realize how much work goes into a political campaign and how much help is needed from supporters. Running a political campaign requires a lot of help. People are needed to help solicit donations, to help put the word out about the candidate, to help mail out flyers and put up signs, to help make phone calls and to help with social media, creating radio ads and making television commercials. If you believe that Dudik is the best candidate for Montana AG, it is important that you donate a few hours of your time to help get Dudik elected. Winning an election is not possible without the help of strong supporters, such as yourself. To learn more about volunteering, visit Dudik for Attorney General website today.


Paid for by Friends of Kimberly Dudik, P.O. Box 674, Frenchtown, MT, 59834-0674

Treasurer Kelly Gallinger


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