Kimberly Dudick

Why Kimberly Dudick Believes So Strongly in Stopping Bullying in Schools

One of the platforms that Kimberly Dudick spends time fighting for is stopping bullying in schools. Bullying in schools has become a hot button topic over the past several years. Bullying has increased, resulting in a higher number of child suicides and lower self esteem in children. However, not every school is there to help children or parents who report bullying to the school. Kimberly Dudick believes that every child needs to go to school in a safe environment where they can learn without being picked on or bullied. This is why she is striving for tougher laws for bullies and working to help schools get the resources they need to deal with bullying. Everyone wants what is best for their children, and Ms. Dudick wants what is best for your children as well. Vote Dudik for Attorney General.

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