Kim Dudik

What the Resume of Kimberly Dudik Tells You

There are a few different candidates who are running for Attorney General, such as Raph Graybill, however, the clear choice candidate here is Kim Dudik. Ms. Dudik has posted her resume online for everyone to see. She wants people to see what she has accomplished in life, and how this makes her a great candidate to serve the people of Montana. As you look over her resume, you will see that Kimberly Dudik is educated and has spent her life trying to help people, helping children as a nurse and the less fortunate as a politician. Her resume also tells you all of the changes that she has been able to implement during her last four terms as a politician. This shows how dedicated she is to change and helping the people in the state of Montana. Are you ready to see change? Then be sure to vote for Dudik over Raph Graybill for Attorney General.


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Treasurer Kelly Gallinger


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